Reading Habits

Resolution Reflection

It is more than halfway through the year, and therefore a perfect time to reflect on our 2018 Reading Resolutions … Emily definitely hasn’t been doing too well but Tanaya has made an excellent start on her goals!

Emily’s Resolutions

1. Curb the buying

I have failed MISERABLY. I have not stepped foot in the library, but have bought waaaayyyy too many new books. However, I MUST be better in the next few months. I am moving to London in September and will be a bit of a nomad for the next two years, so I don’t really want to be accumulating too many books to move from place to place! Here’s hoping I can find a library quickly!

2. Finish more series Continue reading “Resolution Reflection”

Currently Reading

Currently Reading


Last week I had mentioned how I had hoped to read six book in the following week… I definitely did not manage to achieve this (oops!). I did manage to finish three books, one audiobook, and get 200 pages into another book, but for the most part I was binge watching The Office again.

First up, I finished Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. For most of the book I was really loving it, and thinking it would be an easy five star read. Continue reading “Currently Reading”

Currently Reading

Currently Reading


This week has been a lacklustre reading week, but I have been listening to the MOST incredible audio books! Sleeping Giants and Waking Gods are the science fiction books you need in your life. They are about a group of scientists trying to figure out the mechanics of a giant robot, the pieces of which they have found scattered around the globe. The books are incredibly intense and just AMAZING! Highly recommend. Get your hands on them IMMEDIATELY! Continue reading “Currently Reading”