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Resolution Reflection

It is more than halfway through the year, and therefore a perfect time to reflect on our 2018 Reading Resolutions … Emily definitely hasn’t been doing too well but Tanaya has made an excellent start on her goals!

Emily’s Resolutions

1. Curb the buying

I have failed MISERABLY. I have not stepped foot in the library, but have bought waaaayyyy too many new books. However, I MUST be better in the next few months. I am moving to London in September and will be a bit of a nomad for the next two years, so I don’t really want to be accumulating too many books to move from place to place! Here’s hoping I can find a library quickly!

2. Finish more series

Hahahahahahahaha. At the beginning of the year, I claimed I would start by finishing the Robert Galbraith’s. I did read The Silkworm but I have STILL not read Career of Evil! And now there is a new one announced! Other than that, I finished The Illuminae Files with Obsidio (but that was a new book so maybe shouldn’t count?), and read the entire Chaos Walking series before seeing Patrick Ness at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. I also binge-listened to the Themis Files series, but again, a new addition so defeating the purpose of this resolution! I also finished the Magnus Chase series, read the entire School for Good and Evil series and just the other day finished Shield by Rachael Craw, the last book in her Stray series. I am also up to date with the Throne of Glass series, in preparation for the new book coming super soon! So, now that I’ve written it all down, I can see I have done better than I had thought, finishing six series that I already owned in seven months! Now to read a few more third books before my big move next month!

3. Read ALL of the Jane Austen novels

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha – I have read no Jane Austen books yet this year. Oops. I fully intended to. But I haven’t.

4. Reread some favourites

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha – I have been waaaaaaaayyyyyy too focused on reducing the TBR before my move. However, I am hoping to reread Vicious before the sequel comes out! Not too much time left!

5. Reduce the TBR to 50

So far this year already, I have read 214 books. (Don’t ask, I really have no idea how I have managed this….) And I STILL have 250 on the TBR. So this goal is not going to happen unfortunately…. I accumulate waaaaayyyyy too many books too regularly for this. Buuuuttttt, I will kind of be starting it again from scratch in the UK and am never going to let my physical TBR get above 10 at any one time. I am also hoping to be able to borrow some from my current TBR from the library so that in two years when I come home, it is significantly more manageable!


1. TBR down to 200 by the end of the year

I started 2018 with a TBR 363 books deep… and weirdly enough, my current TBR is also at 363. Whilst I have definitely read a bunch of books, it would appear that I have also accumulated the same number of books as I have read. Realistically I know I won’t be getting it down to 200 by the end of this year. I think a more accurate number that I would love to achieve would be 300 unread books, but knowing I am probably going to buy a bunch of books come Christmas time when my work discount is double what it normally is, I’m going to say 320.

2. Only allowed to buy two new books a month

Well, I failed DRASTICALLY at this. Here’s a run-down of how many books I’ve bought in each month so far this year:

January – 3
February – 6 (However, these were all books I had already read and just didn’t own so I didn’t add to my TBR which was the main goal of this particular reading challenge).
March – 5
April – 6
May – 6
June – 15 (I was home sick for two weeks so of course I would entertain myself by buying books…)
July – 2 (FINALLY managed to do it!)

What I’ve learnt is that even knowing I’ve set a cap for each month, I’ve gone over it all but once. I think for the remaining months of the year I may increase it to 5, because with the exception of June, that was pretty close to what I have been actually buying.

3. Reading goal minimum: 150

I’ve managed to complete 95 books so far and am in the middle of another two. By the time this post has gone live I would say it’s safe to say I will have finished both of those making my total 97. I think it is definitely foreseeable that I will get to at least 150 by the year’s end so no amendments to this challenge!

4. Unhaul every 3-4 months

I haven’t managed to unhaul every 3-4 months, but I have slowly been adding books to boxes to get rid of. Yesterday I went through all of these books and will be unhauling all 264 of them. Whilst I haven’t completely gotten rid of them yet, this will be something I endeavour to do in the month of August, and then I think I would like to revisit my books at least once before the end of the year and remove any more I think I can live without.

5. Take less free books from work

As I work on the marketing team of an online book retailer, I get a lot of free ARCs. I definitely think I have been taking less books from work, but I have still taken quite a lot. The plus side is that I have also already read a lot of these, but this comes at the expense of reading books I’ve owned for longer.

6. Complete all books I bought in 2014

I started this year with 27 books from 2014 that I hadn’t read. As I had already planned on excluding George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series from this goal, that left 20 books from 2014 to go. So far, I have read 4 of these… which is quite pathetic. I will definitely be trying to complete this goal in the remaining months of the year.

7. Complete 80% of the books I bought in 2015

I started this year with 62 unread books bought in 2015. 80% will be to read 50 of these books, and I have only managed to read 5. I don’t think I will manage to get to the 80%, but I definitely will try my hardest to read as many as possible in the remaining months of the year.

8. Read a classic every two months

As we are 7 months into the year, I should definitely have 3 (maybe 4) classics read by now. Instead, I have read 2. These are Persuasion by Jane Austen which I loved and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens which took me three months to finally finish and which was enjoyable but not my favourite. I will be endeavouring to read Jane Eyre in August, and then will play catch up in the next two month period to get back on target for this goal.

9. Complete a series every month

I’m pretty happy with my efforts with this goal so far this year. I have managed to finish eight series and get halfway through another two series. I definitely want to keep this up and try and finish a few more older series that will help me with my goals of reading 2014 and 2015 books.

10. Write reviews for books I’ve read within three days of finishing the books

And this one has probably been the biggest fail of them all. Blogging is hard when you work full time and have a four hour a day commute. By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is write reviews. And the weekends go so fast. I definitely want to aim to write more reviews in the coming months, but I don’t think I will put a time limit on it.

How have your New Year’s Resolutions held up?

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