Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Can’t Believe We’ve Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week she provides a topic, and you choose ten book related things to answer the topic.


1. Breaking Dawn – Stephanie Meyer

I knew by book three that the series was crap, and yet I still fangirled. And then felt so let down. I KNEW I would be let down; why did I persevere?

2. Hush, Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick

I know why I read this one. I was challenging myself to read the entire Dymocks101 list, and this was on it. But it was SO BAD and I can’t believe I finished it…

3. Love at First Flight – Tess Woods

I am not a romance reader. I do not know why I thought reading a romance about a heady affair would have made me happy. I hated it… Why did I do this to myself???

4. 4 3 2 1 – Paul Auster

I made it through this monster of a book, but I’m not entirely sure why I bothered to finish…. (Mostly because I was on holiday and it was the only book I was dragging around with me.)

5. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

I don’t like psychological thrillers. But stick one on the bestseller list and I need to try it for some reason. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?



1. After – Anna Todd

This is the first book in the series that was originally written as Harry Styles fanfiction. As someone who was quite indifferent to Harry Styles and One Direction, the fact that I’ve not only read After, but all the books in this series is quite remarkable. They weren’t even that good, but for some reason I could not stop reading them. It always makes me think why did I actually read these?

2. Life and Death – Stephenie Meyer

This is the bonus content that came in the 10th anniversary edition of Twilight. Essentially, it’s a gender-bender version of Twilight. I can admit that I once had a very bad Twilight obsession, but that is well and truly in the past. When I heard about Life and Death I was curious to read it… and read it I did. But my gosh was that book just not good. It really was unnecessary and now I’m kind of annoyed that I let myself get sucked into reading it.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket

Fun fact, I never had any interest in reading these as a kid. I never liked the look of them or the sound of them, and considering they were a favourite of my best friend at the time, you would think that would have made me interested in them too. When the Netflix series was announced, I decided I was curious enough to try them. From the very first book I was not impressed, and so begun my continued disappointment and frustration with this series. In all honesty, I can’t believe I managed to read all thirteen of them.

4. The Girl Online sequels – Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

I read Girl Online simply because I won a signed copy of it. Whilst I didn’t hate it, I also didn’t love it and I definitely felt like I did not need to or want to continue with the series. And then Girl Online: On Tour released, and I somehow ended up with a copy. I read it and was even more bored than the first time around. And then Girl Online: Going Solo released and I BOUGHT A COPY. Why I did it I have no idea, but I bought a copy and absolutely hated it. And so now I look back on this series and just can’t believe I let myself read the whole series when I didn’t even like the first book all that much.

5. Fallen Series – Lauren Kate

This is a series where I borrowed the first book and read it when it came out. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I never bought any of the rest in the series, but then years later decided I wanted to read the series. So, I borrowed them from the library. And even though my dislike for the series grew with each book, I somehow managed to soldier on and read them all. I know this series has a lot of passionate fans, but they’re some of the most boring books I’ve ever read and so I still can’t believe I actually made it through all of them.


What are the books you can’t believe you read?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books We Can’t Believe We’ve Read”

  1. I read ASOUE recently. I wanted to read them as a kid but never did. Then the series came out and I was curious like you so I read them. They’re not terrible, in my opinion. But they certainly not great. I can easily see how someone can become bored or even annoyed at the books. They are so repetitive.


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