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Bookception: Books About Books

I love books. (Though I think that would be fairly obvious already!) The only thing better than books themselves are books about books! And in the last few weeks I’ve read THREE!


The Diary of a Bookseller was an absolute delight. I have been a bookseller for the past five years and this just felt so relevant to my life! Customers can (on the odd occasion) be absolute idiots and I empathised with Shaun Bythell way too much! He really reminds me of Bernard Black from the wonderful television series Black Books. It was also really interesting to take a peek into the life of a second-hand bookseller; there is so much time needed to buy books and take a look through old estates. As well as witty diary entries, Shaun Bythell records the number of customers and the till total. It is not always a happy tale, but he is obviously passionate and living his best life! This book is funny and warm and all about the community that bookstores foster. Non-booksellers will love this book too; just as long as you’re a book lover! 🙂

Next up is A Book of Book Lists. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a book with a ton of book lists. I am incredibly nosy about everyone else’s reading habits and this book helped fulfil some of that curiosity. ‘Oscar Wilde’s Reading Gaol Bookcase’, ‘The Most Unread Books’, ‘Bibliomemoirs: A List of Book-List Books’ – these and so many more satisfied some small part of the need to know everything about books everywhere. I did add far too many to my ‘Books of Interest’ bullet journal page (full of books I want to one day purchase and read) but I learned so many interesting things. Particularly intriguing was the list of people you can borrow from the Human Library; readers can borrow a human to learn more about their experience. This is a book I will certainly continue to dip back into when I want to peruse something lightly. It is easily digestible and so very very interesting!


Last but certainly not least is the beautiful (pink and gold!) The Book of Forgotten Authors. Christopher Fowler writes about 99 forgotten authors, their books and their stories. It is so interesting! Many of the authors are completely out of print and can only be located in second hand bookshops – it’s a sort of treasure hunt for book lovers! I found there was a heavy focus on crime and murder mystery (this must be the author’s preferred genre to read himself), but sometimes the lives of the forgotten authors themselves were more intriguing than their crimes. I was also very surprised that Virginia Andrews was included as ‘forgotten’ – I don’t think anyone has forgotten that Flowers in the Attic is a thing, have they? (Though to be truthful, I have not read it myself!) If I ever get on top of my TBR, I want to reread this book and set myself a challenge to find those authors that appeal to me and to only search in second hand bookshops.

Do you like reading books about books? Which are your favourites? Please recommend, I want to know about them ALL! (Even if it will destroy my TBR goals!)


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