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2018 Reading Resolutions

Emily’s Resolutions

1. Curb the buying

I have almost 300 unread books sitting in my room, all of which I should be focusing on finishing. However, I also have an insatiable appetite for new titles, so I would like to limit my buying to two books per month and to utilise my library a bit more!

2. Finish more series

I always get excited about new series and keep buying them even if I don’t ever finish reading them! I have been aiming to finish more series for the past three years now and haven’t really made much of an impact. However, I am going to set myself a series per month, starting with the Robert Galbraith series in January – The Silkworm and Career of Evil.

3. Read ALL of the Jane Austen novels

I have only read four Jane Austen novels (guess which?) but often claim to have read them all. This year, I intend to reread those I have read and to read those I haven’t!

4. Reread some favourites

I have focused so much on reading new books and those I have never read before. But I’d like to start a tradition of rereading more often. This year I reread Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and The Night Circus and it just made me so happy to sink back into familiar worlds!

5. Reduce the TBR to 50

In 2017 I read 335 books, and I am hoping that at the end of this year my TBR (now almost 300) is down to 50! I think I can 100% complete this goal, especially if I am successful with my aim to curb all book buying!


Tanaya’s Resolutions

1. TBR down to 200 by the end of the year

I’m starting 2018 with a TBR 363 books deep. 200 isn’t an entirely solid number – if I got to 210, I would be stoked with that, but the idea is that I am getting through more of my books so that number is not as high as it is.

2. Only allowed to buy two new books a month

Like Emily, I will also be limiting myself to how many books I am allowed to buy a month. I work on the marketing team of an online book retailer, and end up taking home many free books from there making me not too worried about sticking to my goal of buying two a month.

3. Reading goal minimum: 150

I normally manage to read around the 150-170 mark of books per year. Sometimes it will be a lot more, other times it will be significantly less (stupid slumps). I don’t want to set too high a goal this year and feel pressure whilst reading, but if I could read more than 150 books I will be incredibly pleased.

4. Unhaul every 3-4 months

Unlike most book unhauls, I only get rid of books that I have read. Whether I have duplicate copies, I haven’t enjoyed them, or just know I will never reread them, I think its important to get rid of books every now and then. As I also own a lot of books, I am running out of space in my room, and think a nice clean out every 3-4 months will make things a little more manageable.

5. Take less free books from work

As I mentioned above, I work for an online retailer and get quite a few free advanced copies of books. As great as this is (I mean, who wouldn’t want free books?), this is adding to my TBR so much, and it is just making it more unmanageable. A lot of these books I haven’t even read yet and I just think this is a good decision to make.

6. Complete all books I bought in 2014

I have always kept lists of the books I buy, and I find it insane to know that I still own books that I bought in 2014 and haven’t read. There are 27 books from 2014 that I haven’t read. Most of these I’ve lost interest in, and will be reading with the intention to unhaul when done. The only books that I’ll be excluding from reading this year that were bought in 2014 is George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, simply because I don’t want to allocate the time towards reading them just yet.

7. Complete 80% of the books I bought in 2015

There are still 62 unread books I have from this year. 80% will be to read 50 of these books, which I think is very easily attainable.

8. Read a classic every two months

I haven’t read many classics, not because I don’t enjoy them, but because I just don’t often find myself reaching for them when trying to decide what to read next. This year I would like to try and read a classic every two months. I contemplated setting this resolution as every month, but felt there would be more chance of me committing to it if it was less time. Here’s hoping I’ll stick to this one!

9. Complete a series every month

Some of my bad buying habits in the last few years has included buying an entire series even if I haven’t read any of the series or only as far as the first book. This year I would like to make my way through these many series, and at a minimum complete one series every month.

10. Write reviews for books I’ve read within three days of finishing the books

This is more of a blogging resolution than a reading resolution. When I’ve blogged in the past, I’ll quite often take some time to reflect on what I’ve just read and to get my thoughts together. Sometimes this will lend to quite some time passing before writing a review, and by then I can’t remember what I had wanted to say in my review. Basically I want to not do this anymore and get my thoughts down in a much more timely manner!



2 thoughts on “2018 Reading Resolutions”

  1. these photos are gorgeous! I feel you on pretty much all of these goals, and I am so jelly of what sounds like such an awesome job you’ve got! Let’s slay 2018!


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